The Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation exists to encourage a more rational, tolerant and humanitarian approach to the problems created by drugs and drug use in Australia.

The ADLRF is a voluntary organisation whose members include health professionals, current and former members of parliament and other interested parties.

The Foundation was established in 1993. Its charter for reform attracted membership from academic, legal, medical, political, religious and community sectors. Since 1993 the Foundation has supported governments in their provision of health services and treatment programs and pursued public education with events, publications and newsletters. Read more about the Foundation here.

In October, the Foundation will be hosting a visit by Dr Norman Stamper.

Dr Stamper is a proponent of drug law reform and argues that the US “war on drugs” simply has not worked. Dr Norm Stamper is coming to Australia in October as a representative of the USA organisation LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).

The ADLRF will be hosting a number of talks and other events with him around Sydney. Check out the event details here.

If you would like any more information about the Foundation, please contact us.