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The Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation exists to encourage a more rational, tolerant and humanitarian approach to the problems created by drugs and drug use in Australia.

The Foundation was established in 1993. Its charter for reform attracted membership from academic, legal, medical, political, religious and community sectors.

Since 1993 the Foundation has supported governments in their provision of health services and treatment programs and pursued public education with publications and newsletters.

Advocacy for change has been based on the recognition that the War on Drugs has failed and that governments’ responses to drug use should give primary emphasis to health and social programs while supporting criminal and legal sanctions.


The Australian Parliamentary Group on Drug Law Reform

The Australian Parliamentary Group on Drug Law Reform (APGDLR) is a cross party group of 100 MP’s from our State and Commonwealth parliaments. The group was set up in 1993 after a meeting in Canberra convened by Michael Moore (ACT Assembly) and Ann Symonds (MLC, NSW).

The APGDLR and the ADLRF meet at least once a year to hear from experts in the field, to share information about what is happening in our jurisdictions and to plan future work. The group also produces occasional newsletters on issues relating to drugs in Australia and international developments.



President: Dr Alex Wodak

Dr Alex Wodak is a physician and has been Director of the Alcohol and Drug Service, St Vincent’s Hospital since 1982. Major interests include:

  • prevention of HIV among injecting drug users,
  • brief interventions for problem drinkers,
  • prevention of alcohol problems,
  • treatment of drug users
  • drug policy reform.

Dr Wodak is President of the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation and was President of the International Harm Reduction Association (1996-2004). He helped establish the first needle syringe programme (1986) and the first medically supervised injecting centre (1999) in Australia when both were pre-legal.

Dr Wodak often works in developing countries on HIV control among injecting drug users. He has published over 200 scientific papers.

Dr Wodak helped establish the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (1987), the NSW Users AIDS Association (1989), the Australasian Society of HIV Medicine (1990) and the Australian needle syringe programme annual survey (1995).

To contact Dr Alex Wodak please use the info email address listed above.

For urgent or media enquiries call 0416 143 823.


Vice-President: Ann Symonds

Treasurer: David Stanley

Secretary: Vivienne Moxham-Hall