Over in our right-hand column you will find a link to the newly released Australia21 report Alternatives to Prohibition: Illicit drugs: How we can stop killing and criminalising young Australians. You will also find links to a number of other reports that highlight different approaches to drug laws around the world and the effect they have had.

The release of such a widely publicised document on drug policy draws a considerable amount of attention and generates a tremendous amount of discussion. Here are a number of feature articles that have appeared over the last week:

Drug use is an issue for society, not the criminal justice system by Richard Horton
Dobbing mothers unite for drug reform by Lisa Pryor
Drug prohibition: moving to Plan B by Alex Wodak
Australia’s pointless and deadly drugs crackdown by Greg Barns
A new approach to drug reform: regulated supply of cannabis and ecstasy by David Penington
Leaders know they have stupid drug policies, but don’t have the guts to change them by Tory Shepherd
Expert supports legalising drugs in The Northern Star