Should illegality of drugs be removed to bring them under greater control by society? If something is no longer illegal, it can be “regulated” by government. A legal regulated alcohol industry means the alcohol content of booze is regulated and stated on the label. And make no mistake, it’s a drug.

Much of the hype about drugs ignores the fact that they’re dangerous because for all we know, 50% or more of what is sold as ecstasy may be rat poison or something equally toxic. How do you legislate to stop people doing what they want to do? Many people want to take substances, including alcohol, that alter their mood or consciousness. Most people are able to do it without causing themselves or others excessive harm. It could be argued that the likelihood of harm would be reduced even further by a regulated industry which restricts supply, provides warnings to consumers and monitors the content of what is sold.

There will be always people who could be described as having addictive personalities. But it could be argued that their addictions may have more to do with their personalities than with the substance they take. Can it be argued that if drugs were regulated it would be more difficult for addicts to acquire large quantities of them? There would be warnings about their use or misuse. Sale could be restricted. Content and quality would meet certain standards…

It’s time to debate whether all we’ve done in the past has progressed the issue at all. If the situation is not improving, and it appears it’s not, we might have to think of other strategies. I simply don’t know. But I think the arguments are worth ventilating.